Photo courtesy of LifeTouch

Freshman Matthias Richardson

Dina Tidd, Oracle Online Editor

The rifle team is very unique from other sports, as they take on a different type of team work. The team has matches at various locations and they compete against other players from different teams for the best score. The team has a very special bond that they all share, not just with the WS team but with other schools’ teams too. 

“My favorite part is definitely the friends I’ve made through the sport, it’s a smaller sport, so people from different teams are all friends,” said senior Hallie Winchester.

The rifle team communicates with members from other teams. Different teams all come together and practice at the same place.

“[What makes rifle unique] is the fact that people from different teams help each other and are all friends. During group practices we all help each other get better and improve our scores,” said Winchester.

The rifle team has both school and non school sanctioned competitions. Students are able to expand on their skills and go to competitions in small groups to compete against other teams.

“[There are a lot of matches happening], this weekend we are bringing a small group up to a match that is not school sanctioned, as well as I went to Colorado for the Olympic trials recently,” said Winchester.