Photo courtesy of LifeTouch

Senior Kyle VanderLaan

Zach Thompson, ETC. Editor

As districts are set to take place at WS on February 8th, it is the perfect opportunity for students to come and support the wrestling team and appreciate all the hard work they have put into this past season. Not only is the team well prepared, but they believe they can definitely make an impact during the competition.

“As a team, we can do it, everyone just has to do their part and win matches,” said senior Will Love.
As students of WS, it should be our duty to support all sports, whether it is football, cheer, or swim, all of our athletes deserve to be rewarded for both their hard work and dedication to their sport. Wrestling is no different, they work hard and play hard yet feel as though they are not celebrated as much as other sports at WS. Many students don’t even know when and where their matches occur and do not attend them which can be discouraging to the team.

“We have a pretty solid team this year,” said Love. “We have a solid bunch of seniors, and a great set of JV wrestlers who put in a lot of work in practice.”

Hard work is just part of the job for wrestlers. The team practices at any opportunity, including mornings, weekends, and even during school breaks. It takes a lot of commitment and hard work to prepare for a wrestling tournament.