Castle in the Sky takes audiences on a journey


Photo courtesy of Studio Ghibli

Kiersten Henderson, Staff Writer

Castle in the Sky is one of my favorite childhood movies.  It left a monumental impact on my childhood, and whenever I am feeling upset, I watch this movie to calm down.

Castle in the Sky helped shape some of my personal characteristics and the moral values I have today, including my willingness to help people and looking beyond first appearances.  The movie also helped broaden my cultural horizons and cultivated an interest in various other cultures.

The movie was the first movie created by Studio Ghibli in Japan. The characters, Sheeta and Pazu, go through a journey of discovery and exploring their hidden past. The antagonists, Muska, Captain Dola, and the pirates, add a layer to the story that creates an exciting and funny atmosphere almost anyone can enjoy. If it were not for this movie, I would never have been interested in foreign cultures until I was much older. I also, never would have gotten into anime, which helped me make new friends as I moved around. I met one of my best friends in Colorado from the discussion about this movie and others similar to it. She and others have remained my friends throughout the years, and the credit is gifted to this movie for stirring our interests.

Though I grow older, Castle in the Sky, is still the one movie I always return to.  It was the movie I always watched if I was sick or needed comfort. The bright colors and the entrapping storyline captured my young, childlike mind and gave me a sense of security and comfort to my undeveloped mind, leaving me with a lasting impression to where I still enjoy it today.  As I have grown up the movie became more enriching as I understood the context in relation to the storyline and the reason certain arguments were made throughout the movie.  Such as the responsibility of having an adult figure and discovering why things happen.  This movie, while aimed towards children, can entrap and provide an easy-going movie for any age.  The bright colors, excellent storyline, cultural references, come together to form a movie that all ages will enjoy.