Varsity cheer makes history once again at VCU


Photo courtesy of Daniel Nam

Seniors Michael Woo, Bailey Jennings, Alexandra Marsden, Jackson Elder, Megan Seykowski,Christina Van Meter, Karleigh Moore, Jenna Mastando, Gabi Mastando, Mia Damiano, Juilia Coronado; juniors Olivia Penna, Rebecca Giles, Delany Walrath, Sarah Raines, Margaret Burrows, Rachael Nguyen; sophomores Samantha Kemp, Lauren Kroeger, Julia Sarabia; and freshmen JJ Dallas, Kalla Tomberlin, and Samantha Betancourt cheer at States at VCU.

Daniel Nam, Managing Editor

From the start of the fall season, athletes on the cheer team were already predicting that they would make it all the way to states.

After a whole season of hard work, the team came together and beat defending state champs, Hylton High School, in regionals to advance to the state championship.

The morning of the competition, the cheer team were surprised by the football team as cheer prepared to go to their second ever state competition in WSVC history which will be held at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

WS came in second as Robinson clinched first in the competition. However, that didn’t stop the cheerleaders from celebrating as they advance on to the final stage.

The crowd screamed as the cheer teams run up to the stage and the different teams colors: red, blue, white, black, and, of course spartan orange, fills the stands as parents, athletes, and students from all over Virginia came to watch their team perform.

Senior captains Christina Van Meter and Julia Coronado have been on the team since their freshman year and have brought the team together to lead them to states. The team’s hard work, preparation, and spirit is what allowed them to get fourth in the state.

“It felt amazing knowing that the four years of hard work had paid off and my team had finally reached our goal of going to states,” said Coronado. “It’s always been a goal for WSVC to go to states.”

This is the second time WSVC has ever made it to states as they consistently fail to make it into the top 4 since _.

“I feel like this year our team is a lot more connected and bonded than any previous year I have been on the team,” said Van Meter. “I saw a lot of growth in our skills and a lot of new talent joined the team.”

The cheerleaders went into the state competition looking to have fun and do their best.

“We were just grateful to have made it to states,” said junior Olivia Penna. “There was no pressure to do well because we have already reached our goal (states) and we wanted to make it to the final round.”

For all on the cheerleading team, it was the first time they have ever performed as a team in front of a crowd so large.

“I was terrified waiting, but once we got in front of all those people, I was so excited to show [the crowd] how much we have worked,” said Van Meter. “It was a moment I had been wanting since my freshman year.”

This historic performance is the second time that WSVC has made it to states and a fourth place a finish was more than enough for the team.

“Of course it would be amazing to win it all but we didn’t really know what to expect going into this competitions,” said Coronado. “[Our] goal was to move on to the second round and have no deductions at states. And that’s what we did.”