Boys Basketball in focus

In depth with Cooper Johnson


Courtesy of Cooper Johnson

Cooper Johnson shoots a free throw against Fairfax High School as junior Austin Ohlmeyer and senior Tyler Treasure fight for the rebound. Johnson considers free throws to be one of the most vital parts of the game, which is why he spends hours in his backyard shooting them almost everyday.

Corbin Lathrop, Sports Editor

Winter is back at WS and that means the boys basketball season is in full force. For the athletes, basketball is a year-round commitment, and the season represents the pay-off from months of hard work on the court and in the weight room. I took time to sit down with junior guard Cooper Johnson, to get all the scuttlebutt on the 2019-2020 campaign.

Corbin Lathrop: Hey Cooper, thanks for sitting down with me. How are you?

Cooper Johnson: I’m great how are you, my friend?

CL: I’m doing great, thanks. I understand that this is your first season on the varsity team, but you have played for the program since freshman year. What is the biggest difference for you between the freshman, JV, and varsity levels?

CJ: Definitely the speed of the game. All of a sudden everyone becomes faster and stronger so you have to work to adapt to the play.

CL: What has been your favorite part of the season so far?

CJ: Probably working on my basketball skills such as jump stopping and triple threats, as well as being able to play with a lot of my friends from past teams.

CL: I’ve heard from a number of sources that you’re considered to have the best pregame outfits on the team. Is this something that you strive for, or do the choices just come naturally?

CJ: A little bit of both. I try to switch up what I wear every away game. Even subtle changes like the way I tie my tie can make a huge difference.

CL: Thanks for meeting with me today, Cooper. Good luck this season.

CJ: Thanks Corbin, and I’d just like to say first hand that the hype squad has not gone too far. They are a great part of the atmosphere and they encourage us to bring intensity and hustle to the game.