WS students are loving Taylor Swift’s new album


Taylor Swift’s new album cover diplays the vibes of her newly released music. Though not seen in this photo, the cover is full of pastel colors, and the title Lover is pink and sparkly.

Maeve Hennessy, Editor-In-Chief

Taylor Swift fans sure had an exciting end to their summer. On August 23rd, 2019, Swift released her new album: Lover. This album is her seventh so far, and it opened on top of the Billboard 200 with over 850,000 equivalents this week––which in human terms means Lover has been record breakingly popular and her most successful album yet.
“Lover is my favorite Taylor album so far because it feels very current content-wise. The music is also phenomenal. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for a solid two weeks,” said junior Maddie Cortesi.
WS students seem to be matching the feelings of the rest of the country on the album’s popularity, however, there is much debate over which song is Swift’s best.
In a Twitter survey, a handful of WS students voted on which song off of Lover is their favorite based on some of the top songs on the national charts. Swift’s song “I Forgot That You Existed,” ranked lowest at 8%, “Paper Rings” ranked at 27%, “Lover” ranked at 31%, and finally one of Swift’s singles from the album, “You Need To Calm Down,” ranked highest at 34%.
While those songs were just some of the most popular on Lover, almost every single one of her songs have become one of the most popular on the charts. Every song seems to speak to different individuals in unique ways.
“My favorite song at the moment off Lover is “Daylight.” The song is about the feeling of finding a real true love after doubting you would ever find it again because of past struggles. The feeling of finding a love that brightens life in a new way is amazing, the song really encapsulates this and the feeling of holding onto a new love and letting go of the bad in a beautiful way,” said senior Becca Giles.
Each song has its own special place in Swift’s heart as her intense vocals and personal lyrics indicate. However, the album as a whole is her most meaningful one yet. She focuses many of her songs on her new boyfriend Joe Alwyn, an English actor, and she alludes to their bright, and possibly serious, future together in many of her lyrics. The entire album name alludes to Alwyn, and he seems to be the muse he new-found passion.
“I think her new album is unlike any album she’s put out before because it is truly her own music. The album is 110% Taylor, with crazy pastel colors, unapologetic self love, and personal memories. It’s a whole new and happy sound that I hope she keeps forever,” said Giles.
While people everywhere are falling head over heels for Swift’s new vibe, long time fans are persistent that old Taylor isn’t lost in the crowd.
“Her new album is pretty good but nothing beats country Taylor,” said senior Jason Stine.