Trump will restore the American Dream


Photo courtesy of Slate

Will Cheshire, Special to The Oracle

Thomas Jefferson, an honorable Virginian, once said that “A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.” Modern American government has done more than take the bread we have earned: We have lost our individual responsibility, our national debt jeopardizes our ability to prosper and maintain global respect, and even enjoy the “American Dream.”
Of the choice presented to the public, Donald Trump is the best option to have these issues addressed effectively. The career political class, for generations now, has not lived up to its promises and has failed America. The last four presidents have largely been career politicians—a sort of “ruling class.”
What is next? Hillary Clinton likely means more of the same. Trump has at times seemed radical and inexperienced, but those perceptions come against the backdrop of the cookie-cutter mold of a political class candidate that most have come to expect. Trump is different from this mold.
Simply put, Trump is a populist without the need for career security. His life and perspective wasn’t made by a life in politics. He doesn’t have a political agenda facilitated by the elite political donors or party rulers.
For example, all we have to do is look at the money. A senator makes $174,000 a year; however, after a term their average net worth is over $3.4 million dollars and a 72.6 percent net worth growth, and some have made tens of millions after a political career. This seems counter to the idea of public service and indicates the governmental system is not as free from corruption as we would think. The voice of special interest lobby groups are the only voices which seem to reach our leaders, not those of the people unless it serves a political purpose.
The more prosperous and safe we are, the freer we can be. Trump is the best choice to gain that prosperity and safety for the most people. Today there are many who view the government as responsible for just about everything—our well being, our jobs, our incomes, and our health. We have invested trillions into these programs, both social and defense, but what do we really have to show for it?
Consistent poverty, more debt, a weaker economy, fewer personal freedoms, and little global respect. These are not party issues, these are American issues, and Trump is the one who can change our course and hopefully avoid a gloomy future. Trump has run companies and knows how to incentivize people and focus on making the conditions good for success. Making these conditions will require many good team members. Trump doesn’t “owe” anyone and can pick people who aren’t politicians: People who have had successful experience in business, education, technology, policing and security.
Does he have the temperament to be a global leader? Of course. He’s had to work with others in his career. He speaks his mind. He doesn’t hide behind a masquerading facade of political speech, or half-commit. These are things that have brought him to this point. I don’t think I will like or agree with every decision he makes if he is elected. But, he is an opportunity to show that there isn’t any particular path you have to take to become a leader in our country. He is also the best opportunity we have for change that isn’t just more of the same.