Our custodians do a lot of work for us; please thank them

Maddie Winslow, Viewpoint Editor

There is no denying that our school being constructed on is probably the biggest nuisance for us students, but what we fail to realize is that it is definitely a worse situation for the custodial staff.
Being a custodian in a high school does not sound like the most pleasant of jobs. For whatever reason, teenagers seem to have trouble cleaning up after themselves, which in turn keeps the janitors of WS quite busy. This is something they do despite the lack of thanks they receive. This school year, though, the custodians were given a new challenge of having not only the task of keeping the building clean, but also the task of having to keep Sparta and the trailers clean.
With the addition of trailers this school year, the area for which the custodians are responsible for the upkeep of was basically doubled. We may find it annoying to have to travel such great distances to get from class to class, but imagine the work it must take to keep that all clean. The trailers also present the custodial staff with an abundance of new obstacles that they did not have to deal with in prior years. For example, the large amount of digging into the ground has caused many students to trek mud into the building, creating a layer of dirt by the sports lobby entrance that the custodians must clean up. The colder weather also threw in its many wrenches. Many trailers had trouble with heaters that worked effectively, keeping the custodians busy making repairs to them. Being a custodian has never been an easy job, and this year is no different.
My fellow Spartans, all I am trying to say is that being a custodian in a high school is a demanding profession; this job is labor intensive and for the most part not very pleasant. It would, however, be a lot easier if we all just did our part and threw away our own trash and did not create any more messes for our janitors to attend to. If you are not going to be the one to clean up the mess, don’t make it. We are all old enough to pick up after ourselves, and the janitors are not our maids. Please, out of respect for our amazing custodial staff, do you part and be sure thank them for the work they do.