The final stretch for seniors before graduation


Photo courtesy of @LEGEN17ARY.

The Class of ‘17 shows their Spartan spirit at a football game.

Oracle Staff

Class of ’17 needs to get it together.
Since we were freshmen, we’ve been looking forward to this year. We heard legends of food fights, epic senior skip days, and pigs being let loose in halls. Each of us eagerly anticipated being a senior, that mystical title that would somehow grant us immunity within these walls. We endured the awkwardness of 9th grade, the drama of 10th grade, and the stress of 11th grade because we had this shining year to look forward to. It was a beacon of hope on the horizon.
Now we are seniors, and we’ve been cheated.
From the beginning of this year things have slowly been getting worse. Morale has been on the decline since day one and it hasn’t gotten better. For seniors, virtually all we have to look forward to is graduation, but it feels like this year will never end. This can be blamed, in large part, on the fact that our class is a mess.
Our skip days have been colossal failures, with less than a quarter of the class “skipping” (aka, having our moms call us in sick), and most of us not even knowing when the skip days are happening. Our fundraisers are largely unattended, and our pranks are nonexistent.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
We don’t have to slowly trudge through our last year at WS like zombies. We could actually make it incredible (think about the prank potential with half our school a construction zone). We could come together as a class and make something of our last few months in this place. We have the opportunity to set the stage for the next few years that the school is under renovation, but it would require us to get our acts together and actually care about this school.\
For many of us, WS might not be a place we think we are going to miss. After all, we don’t have a ceiling. Our trailers’ roofs blow off during storms. It seems, for all intents and purposes, like the administration is just trying to think of new ways to make us miserable (no Spartan Time, really?). But it hasn’t been all bad.
WS is where you scored your first goal, made your first basket, or won your first game. It’s where you had that teacher or coach who inspired you to pursue your passion. It’s where you started to figure out who you really are. And it’s where you met people that could very well be your lifelong friends.
So instead of walking out the doors for the last time with our middle fingers in the air, why don’t we actually try to create a legacy for ourselves? Who knows, maybe in a few years people will be talking about Class of ’17 as the class that was truly “LEGEN17ARY.”