Please, Spartans, let’s figure out how to park on Rolling


Brittany Norris

Brittany Norris, Oracle Editor

We all know the parking situation at WS is beyond irritating, but you would think that the countless lessons in Driver’s Education and the actual behind-the-wheel “test” would teach kids how to parallel park.
Instead, we are all forced to get to school an hour before hand in order to ensure an easy spot on Rolling Rd, and avoid having to attempt (and probably fail) to parallel park.
Once all the spots are “filled,” students drive by contemplating whether or not they could possibly fit their Honda Civic in that just-a-tad-too-small parking spot, and of course, they inevitably fail.
The reality is that teenagers are horrible drivers, especially when it comes to parking. Everyone leaves too much space in front and behind them when they park, leading there to be even fewer spots than there already are.
Another common offense on Hillside and Rolling is parking way too far from the curb and, simply, not caring at all. Students much too often pull into their spots and, although they are well over a foot from the curb, act like it is no big deal. This is done even though if a big truck or semi came down the street it would most likely put a pretty big dent in their car.
Another issue we have here are the want-to-be race car drivers speeding their way down the road. First of all, it is dangerous and just not worth the consequences. Second of all, there are cops all around the WS area. You’re bound to get caught at some point, even if today isn’t the day. If you’re not willing to listen to this piece of advice, then good luck to you, and the people driving on the road around you. They, along with yourself, are going to need it.
I guess what I am trying to say is: please, WS students, learn to drive. Learn to park. We are all tired of “taking one for the team” and parking all the way down Hillside. In a perfect world, we would make it easy for each other and pull up instead of worrying about ourselves, but of course, that is not the reality.
Nobody wants to wake up that extra hour early just to avoid the unbearable parking on Rolling and/or Hillside. So let us just do each other all a favor and get it together.