Art murals brought individuality to WS



Photo courtesy of Zach Thompson

The removal of all the art murals, and the plain white halls, gives the school an industrial feel. Students shouldn’t feel like they’re in an institution, with endless halls full of white walls. New murals will bring WS new personality and enhance the beauty of the school.

With ongoing construction and additions to various parts of the buildings, many students felt something was missing. A part of WS that made it unique were the art murals that lined the hallways connecting the main parts of the school.
The art murals were a sponsored project from the art program at WS that started in 1995, and they included various graphics depicting subjects surrounding WS. In certain parts of the school the murals reflected what was going on in student life. This created a different feel to the hallways and made students feel more included in their subjects.
The art murals were a combination of projects done in classes, by National Art Honor Society, and by individual students. It was a way for many seniors to leave their mark and express themselves before they left. The art murals included images of students’ favorite childhood memories, sports, and school subjects.
Why were they taken down? With the new construction, WS opted to replace the walls. This meant that the artwork, painted directly onto the walls, had to be taken down. The new walls are all white, which looks uniform and clean, but the issue with the walls is a lack of personalization and expression.
Our opinion is simply that we need them back. Without the murals, the school feels desolate and unwelcoming, especially towards new students. Creativity feels less encouraged and the all-white walls creates a bleak view.
However, a positive side of the new walls is that they represent a new start. The art program is hopeful that the art murals will return in a few years, and the new walls essentially create a blank canvas. This allows for many more art murals to have space to begin. Because of the new blank canvas, it is the perfect time to bring back the murals.
When the art murals return, they will also return the chance for students who love and appreciate art to leave their mark. This will not only start to make WS unique and special again, but also make the school feel welcoming again to past students.
Even though the art murals had to go due to construction, it has left behind an opportunity for a new beginning. With this new canvas, we think the art murals should return.