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Eldredge balances sports and Spanish

Will Ours, Business Editor

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Football season is back! However, the Spartans have changed coaches in the process, along with a new staff.  Jason Eldredge, already the Head Basketball Coach and Spanish 2 teacher, has taken on the Spartan Football program with a head of steam.  With a 1-1 record already, the team is looking forward to a successful season.

The players are excited for the upcoming season, hoping that the team will be able to come together and get the job done.

“I think we’ll be decent,” said Corey Hart, a senior playing Safety and Wide Reciever on the Varsity football team. “This is a new scheme for everyone including the coaches, we’ll be able to do it, we’re fine.”

When starting off the year, the players are dedicated to starting off fresh, and with Eldredge, a lot of the players are confident that it can be done.

“He’s passionate about what he does. He shows a lot of intensity, as you can tell, and we like that,” said sophomore Tommy Salvato.  Salvato, who plays for both JV and Varsity, has blocked a punt already on special teams for the Spartans.

Besides Eldredge’s noticeable enthusiasm and personality, he’s all about getting down to business and having fun in the process.

“I want the kids to have a great season,” said Eldredge, “I want to win, but let the kids feel no pressure on the field.  I want the kids to work hard and represent the student body.”

Eldredge has had an abundant amount of experience with coaching football.  Since 2002, Eldredge has devoted himself to coaching students not only to have fun, but to win.  As a coach at Westfield High School, Freedom High School, and now at WS, Eldredge has plenty of experience to help the team to do its best.

“I try to educate kids on my experiences; I want to educate the players because it gives them insight on what to expect out on the football field, he said. That to me is a great way to coach a team, from your experiences.”

Football is a huge part of Eldredge’s life, but not the only passion that he has.

As the basketball coach and a Spanish 2 teacher at the school, it is a tough job to make sure each sport receives its allotted amount of time.  When asked about how he motivates himself to keep up with all of the work, he responded with extreme concern for the students.

“I want this school to be something.  I love to compete, but right now my body isn’t able to compete physically, so I want to coach. I take coaching seriously, but at the same time making sure the kids are having a great time is all I want.”

Lots of anticipation has been seen around the school, especially from the student supporters.  With signs and decorations, the student body as a whole has enjoyed and taken in the surroundings at the football games.

“It’s a great atmosphere. There is so much energy and excitement whenever there is a big play or a touchdown, and being a part of that is just a great way to end the week,” said freshman Nate Fox.

The supporters that have come out to the game haven’t gone unnoticed. The players have appreciated the time and the excitement that the students bring to the field.  Overall, the football season has started out pretty well.

The players, students, teachers, and families among the WS area have showed their support, and Eldredge plans to start his new career off with a great year.

“I want the kids to be proud of something,” he said, “I love the personality of the seniors and I want all of the players to love being on the football team.”

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Eldredge balances sports and Spanish