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As the very controversial national anthem boycotts continue at NFL games, people grow more and more divided on the issue as new players join the protest.

Kneeling in protest or following the crowd?

Michael Perlak, Viewpoint Editor
November 30, 2017
High school administrations are meant to be transparent and tell their students' families about what is going on at school, but WS's seems rather opaque at times.

WS’s quiet administration

Connor Zimmerman, Sports Editor
November 30, 2017
Seniors sit in advisory as they try to finish college applications on time.

Seniors seek help for applications

Anya Hawkins, Oracle Editor
November 30, 2017
Students of the Asian American club enjoy participating in after school activities. There will now be a cost for joining clubs such as this.

Extra cost for extracurricular activities?

Maryann Xue, Page One Editor
November 30, 2017
Senior Caroline Wittich looks over the pool before she competes. Meets such as these are sanctioned by VHSL.

VHSL school classification dissapoints

Caroline, Wittich
November 28, 2017
Football games are fun to be a part of as an audience member, but some Spartans at WS take it too far and try to make themselves the focus instead of players or performers.

Spartans, let’s get a little (less) rowdy at games

Molly Haynes, Oracle Staff Writer
November 28, 2017
As the FCC begins to remove regulations associated with their 2015 net neutrality rulings, many wonder if leaving corporations to control the internet is a bad idea.

Net neutrality: Keeping the internet equal for everyone

Austin McHale, Managing Editor
November 28, 2017
The parking spots closet to the school are used by the administrators. Senior parking has been lost because of construction.

Seniors and parking

Leah Krompecher, Entertainment Editor
November 22, 2017
An apology from The Oracle staff

An apology from The Oracle staff

Anya Hawkins, Christina Manibusan, Mia Oppler & Caroline Wittich, Oracle Editors
October 13, 2017
Expect a parking ticket in the event of illegal parking.  Parking without a permit also warrants a ticket.  Tickets can be $30 or more.

Want to park on school grounds? Too bad, so sad.

Kiera Bothwell, Managing Editor Business/Systems
June 6, 2017
Pictured: Seniors Sidney Walker, Yurie Choe, Gila Manansala, and Thalia Cabrera.  They’re among the 94 percent of Spartans that go to college after high school.  Yet many can’t share their excitement yet, as they’re still looking.

D is for deferred, W for wait

Sophie Shidlovsky, Oracle Staff Writer
June 6, 2017
Construction smoke seen from school’s rear.

Is our school safe? Construction worries Spartans

Caroline Wittich, Page One Editor
June 6, 2017
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