Senior assassins


Update 5/18/2022

Week one of competition proved to be action packed, as participants began tournament play fully equipped with water guns, Snap Maps, and if lucky, goggles and inflatable floaties.

Teams of assassins wasted no time in carrying out their missions, resulting in the elimination of numerous duos who are now left to watch the tournament from the sidelines.

Senior duo Emily Cramer and Haroon Husseini were among one of the many teams eliminated from competition, following their assassination by Senior Josh Cole. The two were eliminated on “purge day,” a designated day of play in which all previously deemed “safe zones” outside of the confines of WS and its sponsored activities, were then considered fair game.

Husseini and Cramer would find themselves removed from tournament play as the two were eliminated en route to their attempted assassination of their own assigned targets.

We were completely caught off guard. We were on our way to eliminate our own target and the man came out (of) the cut and started shooting us,” said Husseini.

The opening days in particular garnered an array of noteworthy assassinations, none more notable however than those carried out by Senior Sean Coughlin.

Throughout the week, Coughlin displayed his tactical creativity and strategic ingeniousness, eliminating two opposing players from rather unique locations.

One of Coughlin’s initial assassinations came from the comfort of a portable toilet, in which Coughlin would wait in briefly before attacking and eliminating his assigned target, Senior Jack Slovensky.

“Luckily I didn’t have to wait in there too long for (Slovensky) to come by. I was fully prepared though to stay in there all day if it meant eliminating him and moving on in the tournament,” said Coughlin.

Along with his porta potty stake-out, Coughlin completed yet another assassination which required him to submerge himself in a nearby trash can.

Similar to Slovensky’s assassination, Coughlin would wait inside of a closed trash can which was located outside of Senior Daniel Vergara’s home.

“I was a little cramped in there but just like with the porta potty, it was completely worth it. Even though the assassinations were pretty cool, there is still a lot of game left to play. (The) job’s not finished,” said Coughlin.

Following an eventful week one of competition,  the Senior Assassins tournament validated the immense anticipation that surrounded the tournament prior to its beginning. As the tournament progresses and the field of play continues to shrink, students can expect even more exciting moments and assassinations until a champion is finally crowned.

Originally Posted 5/12/2022

Seniors have organized a series of winner-take-all water gun fights scheduled which began on Friday, May 6th.

News of the tournament surfaced following the creation of the Instagram account @wshsassassins, which announced the event on their page. The account has included an official rulebook listing specific regulations players must abide by in order to participate with a chance to win the competition.

Groups of two are tasked to target and “assassinate” an opposing duo of participants who themselves have been assigned to take out a different team of their own. Players are required to pay a fee of $2 upon entry and will be responsible for their own water guns. Following their assignment, teams will have exactly seven days to locate and successfully eliminate their designated duo. Failure to do so within the one week time period will result in their elimination.

To qualify as a legal assassination, a player or team must shoot their assigned target(s) in a “live” zone and be able to provide proof of their opponent’s assassination via picture or video. As per the @wshsassassins rule book, if an individual is spotted wearing either a pair of scuba goggles or floaties, then that individual cannot be eliminated even if shot. 

Specific times, events, and locations have been deemed “off limits” for assassinations to take place. Assassinations are prohibited on-campus during school hours and may not occur during any extracurricular activity held on school grounds or on the campus of another school. The only location on campus assassinations may take place is in the parking lot after 3:10 p.m.