Nikita Dragun revisits her roots

Dragun visited her former choir teacher Dustin Brandt and former cheer coach Elizabeth Fawsett.

Photo courtesy of @nikitadragun on Instagram

Dragun visited her former choir teacher Dustin Brandt and former cheer coach Elizabeth Fawsett.

Professional make-up artist, model, YouTuber, and former Spartan Nikita Dragun made a spontaneous appearance at the school while visiting family in town for Thanksgiving break.

After the seventh period bell on Monday, Spartans shuffled into the sports lobby like any other day, talking and mingling before leaving campus. For those lucky few who stayed just a little bit longer, influencer Nikita Dragun graced them with her presence. 

Pictures and videos on social media alerted everyone in the area that Dragun had shown up, leaving those who stayed home with a fat case of FOMO. Dragun has posted on her Snapchat story saying, “[On the way] to my old high school, wish me luck.”

Dragun whipped up another surprise for those who missed her on Monday, posting on her Instagram story, “Goodnight Draguns. See y’all at [WS] @ 8 a.m. tomorrow for class. Go to bed.”

Her simple story post created a frenzy this morning just near door five. Hundreds of students clogged the sports lobby, creating a halo around the doors. A group of freshman girls even held up signs spelling out “Nikita” to welcome her into the building.

The energy built up and fell right back down with every person who walked through the door—every person who was not Dragun. Eventually, the Spartans simply stormed through doors in an imperturbable tide of excitement, breaking out of school minutes before the bell for second period rang.

Disappointed Spartans stood outside in the chilly morning, waiting for Dragun, who was a no-show. Administration ushered the mob back inside. Little did the crowd know, Dragun was on campus, but administrators would not let her in.

“I love you guys so much! But please go back to class. They won’t let me into the school if I cause a disruption. I’m not able to come today. I promise I’ll come back another time, and we can take pictures! This is so crazy [and] I’m in tears that [you] guys would even welcome me back to high school like this!” exclaimed Dragun on Instagram.

Dragun posed with seniors Ora Allen and Thomas Inscoe while on campus Monday afternoon.