New VSHL ESports team coming to WS


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia under Creative Commons License

Although VHSL tournaments that involve WS will not be as extravagant as the one pictured above, it gives a glimpse into the world of ESports that WS will be stepping into into the 2023-2024 school year.

WS announced it will participate in VHSL ESports starting with the 2023-2024 school year. ESports will be contested in three leagues, which are Rocket League, Super Smash Bros., and League of Legends.

“I was glad to see it become an official thing even if they don’t offer the title I play. They also offer a coaching staff which I think is awesome!” said junior Corey Sayers.

Although the announcement of the team formation may be a cause for excitement, there has not been any publicized information by the school on who will lead the new ESports team. The lack of variety of the leagues is also called into question. With all the different games available, it can be questioned how much of a draw of people three leagues will create.

“As far as I know, there is a decent [Super] Smash Bros. community at our school, but I am unsure of Rocket League and League of Legends. I won’t join a team until they offer Counter Strike, but that will never happen,” said Sayers.

Many students who were pushing for the gaming teams and clubs, now find that their interests will not be included. Others don’t feel an urge to join it as there hasn’t been a lot of student interest yet. 

“I play video games but I’m not going to join the team. I already swim and lift weights so I’m jacked. I don’t need to join the ESports team,” said sophomore Cooper Lynch.

Though, this will still be a great opportunity for those looking to build their gaming skills. It will offer many chances for development of the members on the team under instruction.

“The coaching staff can really help rising talents learn about professional competition and how to train like an athlete,” said Sayers.

Overall, the ESports team will be a great opportunity for people who have been in the gaming community as well as those who are new to learn about the game under instructors, be a part of a team, and participate in friendly competition.