Vineyard Vines plays preppy


Pablo Suarez, Online Editor
June 9, 2014

Sports provide a unique outlet for athletes to express their creativity and physical capabilities, and the reasons for which they are special are because they all are different and require certain skills to succeed. Mainstream sports are forgiving to the common man because they are able to appeal to... Read more »

Spartan girls lacrosse puts the ‘lax’ in relax


Caroline Alcorta, Forum Editor
June 9, 2014

Girls Lacrosse showed some domination at Disney over spring break, going undefeated in all three of their games at the Disney Spring Training Tournament. The Lady Spartans have traveled down to Florida to compete in the tourney for the last two years, and this year they came in hoping to improve their... Read more »

Personal Fitness 3 builds strength


Dominic Adase, Sports Editor
June 9, 2014

WS is offering a new class next year in the form of Personal Fitness 3, but it probably isn’t what you’d think. Personal Fitness 1 and 2 are weight lifting classes, with personal fitness 2 being harder and more advanced than PF 1. One would expect that PF3 would be a harder lifting class, but it’s... Read more »

Stanley Cup heats up

Tim Thomas Patrice Bergeron

Will Ours, Business Editor
June 9, 2014

Sixteen teams are determined to win through valiant effort, determination, and belief in themselves and each other. The Stanley Cup playoffs are one of a kind, and this year has panned out to be one of the most exciting. From fights, hitting, and scoring, the Stanley Cup playoffs has increased in popularity... Read more »

Lax looks to Coach Richardson for a new direction

Photo Creds Online

John Warner, Sports Editor
May 19, 2014

New season, different helmets and a fresh game plan. This season the new boys’ lacrosse team is hoping to have a successful season under Coach Ryan Richardson. Richardson has had ample experience coaching at the high school level, with nine years coaching under his belt, six as an assistant coach and... Read more »

Next year coaches change and rearrange


George Mott, Sports Editor
May 19, 2014

The WS sports program has been going through some major changes in the last few years and it continues this year with two more coaches leaving. Two WS teams are losing their coaches, boys basketball is losing head Varsity coach Jason Eldredge and field hockey is losing head varsity coach Rosie Donaldson.... Read more »

Baseball beats Bruins


Pablo Suarez, Oracle Online Editor
May 19, 2014

With clear skies and country music blaring on the speakers, Spartan Baseball settled back into its home turf to step up and shut out its most formidable adversary, Lake Braddock. The Spartans prevailed in a pitcher’s duel between the long- time rivals with senior Brandon Padgett representing the team... Read more »

Managers make the difference

Meriem O - football manager

Ryland Mortlock, Scoop Editor
May 19, 2014

Everyone sees the game-winning three or the awesome interception, but few know the hard work that was put in behind the scenes to allow this to happen. Managing a high school team is an opportunity for students to show leadership in the WS community. Managers also get to meet new people and enjoy being... Read more »

The controversy continues


TJ Gleason, Sports Editor
April 21, 2014

The debate that never ends, the argument that has existed for as long as sports itself; what makes a sport, a sport? Is it where it is played? The amount you sweat, the shape you have to be in? Or is it the equipment involved and the hours played? “All sports involve time, training, and cool uniforms,”... Read more »

Sochi surprises with unpreparedness; games go on

GTY_sochi_olympic_opening_ceremony_ring_fail byonline

Tom Susa, Business Editor
April 10, 2014

The 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia have been marked by corruption, terrorist threats, and incomplete hotels with no plumbing and brown water, but nevertheless they have put on an exceptional show. “The Olympics only come every four years and I enjoy watching all the extreme and exciting... Read more »

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