Nationals falling short this season


Thomas Susa, Managing Editor
May 15, 2015

The tarps have been rolled off the field and thousands of fans are slowly filling the stands of Nat’s Park as the Nationals take the field for their tenth season here in Washington. For the Nats, this season started when they reported to Florida in late February. They were soon predicted to win the... Read more »

If you ain’t talkin’ Mo’ne, I don’t wanna talk


Andrew Cooke, Sports Editor
May 15, 2015

Mo’ne Davis is the first girl to win and pitch a shutout in the Little League World Series (LLWS). Davis broke down barriers not only for females in her hometown of Philadelphia, but female athletes all over the country. Davis is the only LLWS player to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Davis... Read more »

Tennis team coaching carousel

onlineSenior Night

Stephanie Faragalla, Oracle Staff Writer
May 15, 2015

The tennis season has gone into full swing. Following the endless snow days in late February and early March, the season finally began in the middle of March. The girl’s team has been taken over by Coach Tony Adams and this is his first season at WS. Previously, the girls had been coached by ASL teacher... Read more »

NBA Playoffs going for three

onlineNBA Playoffs - Associated Press

Ryland Mortlock, Managing Editor
May 15, 2015

In 2015, the NBA Playoffs are not safe. There are threats across the country: Rockets are firing in Houston, shooters are lurking in the corners of San Francisco, and there is a cold-blooded King looking to regain his crown in Cleveland. For basketball fans everywhere, the playoffs have not disappointed.... Read more »

The Ocho takes a giant leap of faith


Alli Harris, Managing Editor
May 15, 2015

Take a leap of faith. It takes a special kind of person to voluntarily to jump out of a plane, one who craves the adrenaline rush of free falling through the air. Although your personal preference may be to stay inside of the plane, or just on solid ground, it takes a lot of guts to jump out of a plane... Read more »

Kyle’s Kamp is a grand slam for WS Baseball

View of field-photo by Maggie Snow

Maggie Snow, Oracle Staff Writer
May 15, 2015

On May 1, 2015, the WS Varsity Baseball team will be accomplishing much greater feats than simply defeating Lake Braddock Secondary School. During this game against the Spartans’ biggest rival, the WS Baseball team will be raising funds for an important cause while spending time with a local elementary... Read more »

The Ocho: Rooks meet hooks

APTOPIX Germany Chess Boxing

John Warner, Sports Editor
April 21, 2015

A sport combining athleticism, critical thinking and strategy: this issue, The Ocho is taking on Chess boxing. Chess boxing is exactly what it sounds like, each game can last up to 11 rounds composed of six rounds of chess and the other five rounds of boxing. Both types of rounds are three minutes each... Read more »

Go big, or go home

onlineJV Baseball team pic

Kiera Bothwell, Oracle Online Editor
April 21, 2015

Various spring sports, like Boys JV Baseball and Boys Varsity Soccer have abnormally large rosters this coming season. In recognition of the immense roster numbers, the teams will have to change some of their preferred tactics. JV Baseball has a diverse pool of talent at their disposal, which has caused... Read more »

Spartans help younger students get a running start


Sherry Virden, Features Editor
April 16, 2015

For many, it’s more than just running. The SYC Running Club, started just three years ago and coming out of its infant stages, is not only about running as the name may imply. The runners and coaches develop close relationships with each other and the club is a fantastic way to provide leadership to... Read more »

Wrestling team comes together for a winning season

onlineBruno - Copytaken by sonia

Megan Rice, Oracle Online Editor
April 16, 2015

Spartan Wrestling did huge things this season with the addition of a new coach and one member placing third in the state. This year the team grew as a whole, with the coaches creating more bonding activities, but still emphasizing on each player’s individual performance. Players learned to work together... Read more »

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