Spartans honor seniors with 3-0 win


Devon Nelson, Entertainment Editor
October 23, 2014

With their hearts pounding and eyes wide, senior athletes anticipate Senior Night with excitement and nervousness alike. For the seniors who play sports, there is one night during the season that stands out from all the rest: Senior Night. This night is special, because it celebrates all the senior athletes’... Read more »

NFL struggles with increasing domestic violence charges

onlineDom Vio CNN

Andrew Cooke, Sports Editor
October 23, 2014

With the NFL season half way done, players are getting in trouble for their poor behavior. “It’s a shame; they need help,” said Sports Marketing Teacher Vicki Petitbon. NFL stars like Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, and Ray McDonald have all been involved in the domestic violence scandal. These players have... Read more »

The Ocho: Bo-taoshi


Ryland Mortlock, Manging Edtor
October 23, 2014

The Ocho has found the most violent, obscure sport out there, and possibly the most incredible. Bo-taoshi is best described as a polite mix of capture-the-flag, football, and Kung Fu. The sport’s magnificence is rivaled only by its simplicity. The Japanese Bo-taoshi translates to “pole bring-down”... Read more »

DMV disappoints in MLB Playoffs

onlineMLB Playoffs 3 (3)

Roderick Wrice, Sports Editor
October 23, 2014

The DMV’s favorite MLB teams, the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles made it to the 2014 MLB playoffs and fans of both teams were elated. Unfortunately for the Nationals, the team washed out in the first round, despite having clinched a top spot in the playoffs with a record of 96-66, awarding... Read more »

Spartans secure scholarships


Lauren Harvey, Features Editor
October 23, 2014

While all of their friends were toddling around and learning the alphabet, many Spartan athletes were preparing for college. The very competitive process of obtaining sports scholarships is no easy task. Students must meet rigorous academic standards as well as excelling in the sport of choice. Senior... Read more »

Ball is life for new basketball coach Marshall


Tom Susa, Managing Editor
October 23, 2014

Basketball 10: run the floor, spread it out, swing the ball, and have a coach that wants nothing but the best. Durmia Marshall is the new basketball coach at WS, but this is not his first time coaching here. Last year Marshall was an assistant football coach, and he liked WS so much he came back. “I... Read more »

New coaches, new outlook

Cheer Group Picture

Maggie Snow, Staff Writer
October 6, 2014

Both the field hockey and cheerleading teams have welcomed new head coaches to lead the Varsity girls this year. After playing as a goalie for UVA and serving for five years as the assistant coach here at WS, math teacher Tina Nham was well-prepared to start this year as the head coach for Varsity field... Read more »

Cross Country starts their run to States


Kiera Bothwell, Oracle Online Editor
October 6, 2014

With fall just around the corner, Cross Country runners are gearing up to a promising season with their eyes on the prize. Cross Country is the only fall sport that focuses on long distance running. A regular Cross Country race is a distance of five kilometers or roughly three miles. Just like any other... Read more »

Teacher-coaches tackle 2 jobs at once

online 001

Devon Nelson, Entertainment Editor
October 6, 2014

Whether grading papers for students, or planning the next starting lineup, teacher-coaches do it all. Recently, boys lacrosse coach Ryan Richardson became a history teacher here at WS. He is taking on the daunting tasks of being a teacher-coach. However, having previous experience at Centreville, he... Read more »

Ice and field hockey make a new friend

water hockey

Miguel Terrazas, Sports Editor
October 6, 2014

The list of obscure sports in the world is extensive, including such greats as Camel Wrestling, Quidditch, and even wife carrying. However, one sport rises above them all: Underwater Hockey. The rules are as simple as they can be. Basically, it’s like hockey underwater, except for the fact that its... Read more »

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