Don’t pass on this NFL recap

Malcolm interception- courtesy of kathy willens

Miguel Terrazas, Sports Editor
February 24, 2015

There are many words to describe this past NFL season but one phrase sums it up. Wow, what just happened? This NFL season was truly an emotional roller-coaster, full of wins, losses, huge disappointments, calls that refs that completely altered the outcome of the game for the better (or the worse, in... Read more »

Spartans take aim at excellence


Briana Windhausen, Scoop Editor
February 24, 2015

The West Springfield Rifle team is gearing up for their Regional match on February 14th, and they fully intend to end their season with a big bang. There are many misconceptions about this sport, such as the cost and the idea that it is dangerous. Senior Ginny Thrasher is a passionate member of the rifle... Read more »

Spartans look to dominate the mat


Sonia Chulaki, Oracle Staff Writer
February 24, 2015

Sprints, drills, matches… Spartan wrestlers have been working tirelessly to get in tip-top shape this year. The JV and Varsity wrestling teams are motivated to make this season a good one. They look to rally around a new coach this year, Ben Fiacco, a three time state champion with the experience to... Read more »

The Ocho: Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing Bureau

Pablo Suarez, Oracle Editor
February 24, 2015

Nothing beats the feeling of crisp linen, but the tedious task of ironing a shirt does not bring the same allure, therefore brave pioneers have taken it a step further and reinvented the chore as Extreme Ironing. There are some misconceptions regarding Extreme Ironing and what it’s all about, imagination... Read more »

Diving into Conference 7 with a splash

Swim & Dive

Lauren Harvey, Viewpoint Editor
February 24, 2015

The strong swimming Spartans made massive waves during the Conference 7 swim meet held at the Audrey Moore RECenter securing second place for both the boys’ and the girls’ team with many moving on to regionals. “Overall, it was pretty good. [There were] lot of good races, a lot of people giving... Read more »

Ocho: Sticks and stones may break your


Derek Smith, Oracle Staff Writer
January 22, 2015

Imagine a game of lacrosse, with a few simple changes.First, dramatically increase both the size of the field, and the number of players on each team. Second, decrease the size of the ball to roughly that of a walnut, and decrease the goal size from a six feet by six feet square to a four inch by four-inch... Read more »

Nothing to lose except weight


Stephanie Faragalla & Kristen Falk, Oracle Staff Writers
January 22, 2015

WS wrestlers are dropping weight like it’s hot. Cutting weight is limited to two pounds per week during the season, mandated by the Virginia High School League. Before every match, wrestlers are required to weigh in and if they come in more than two pounds under their previous weight they will be disqualified.... Read more »

Winners train, losers complain


Katie Bonk, Oracle Staff Writer
January 22, 2015

The school’s elite girls basketball team is at it again, working hard to tear it up on the court this year and hopefully take their skills into the post-season. With daily practices, including Saturday practice, the Lady Spartans have got a lot to look forward to. Games twice a week and tournaments... Read more »

A look back at the Spartans memorable season


Tom Susa, Managing Editor
December 18, 2014

A season of trouble and triumph, the boys of fall have had an exceptional season. This year’s team came together as one and with the support of Spartan fans was able to complete the season with an outstanding record of nine wins and three losses and the title of conference champions a complete turnaround... Read more »

The Ocho: The G.O.A.T. of all obscure sports

Kid reaching for goat- Gloriann Liu

Johnny Cronin, Oracle Editor
December 18, 2014

Two teams of men on horseback. One headless goat carcass. Buzkashi, or as it is translated, “goat grabbing” or “goat bashing”, is the focus of the newest installment of “The Ocho”. This sport is played between two teams of men on horseback and the objective is to carry the goat around a flag... Read more »

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