The Oracle

Senior Ali Naderpoor's resolution is to drink more water, which is shared by many students.

A new year, a new Spartan

February 19, 2019

A senior’s magically unlucky day

Ryan Brewer, Managing Editor

February 19, 2019

If you ask anyone that knows me they will tell you that I am very indecisive. Trying to decide where to go out to eat is a multi-stage decision making process. So, as a reasonable person may do, I decided to magic 8 ball app make...

The Grinch who stole the theaters

Ana Golden, Features Editor

December 21, 2018

Most people know the tale of the Grinch, a Who from Whoville who doesn’t fit in and despises Christmas. There have been two remakes of the movie in the past, one animated and one live action. The third and most recent animated...

Dear Athena

June 7, 2018

Hello Athena, I am currently a freshman and I like a girl. She is very pretty. I am scared to confront her and talk to her. Please help. I don’t think I am hot enough for her because she is very hot. How do I ask her out?...

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