Forum: Winning the lottery

Question: If you won the $2.04 billion lottery, what would you do with it?

“I would buy the entire Copic Marker section at Michaels,” said senior Alyssa Hurley.

“I would immediately get a lawyer because once you get that money people will be coming after you. Then I’d get a mansion somewhere and just live in the middle of nowhere,” said senior Michael Wasilisin. 

“I’d get a mansion and the most advanced drum set out there,” said sophomore Nigel Galvan.

“I’d give a majority of it to charity, but I also feel like a lot of people say that they will give to charity but then don’t because I feel like we’re in such a capitalistic thing where people are like, I’m just going to use it for me,” said junior Kaylee Wisner.

“I’d set up a giant Kahoot game for my will,” said senior Angela Jiang.

“I’d buy the Oracle,” said junior Tyson Denny.

“I’d build myself a mausoleum and deify myself with a Taj Mahal style building,” said junior Corey Sayers. 

“I’d buy Taylor Swift tickets,” said sophomore Jenna Michelle.

“Buy Twitter off of Elon Musk, or donate to charity, perhaps even get Mr. Beast involved,” junior Omari Patterson said. 

“Buy a dress and donate the rest,” said sophomore Sophia Johnson. 

“Become a YouTuber,” said junior Crystal Kitburi. 

“I’d never tell anyone I won it, but I’d give away half of it to charities then use the rest for clothes and school,” said sophomore Alexandra MacDonald. 

“I’d like to give some to my family, donate some, and spend the rest on clothes and makeup,” said sophomore Isabella Stillions.

“I’d give some to an charity organization and give some to my family, I’d put it in savings, and spend the rest on dumb stuff. And I’d give one cent to Jeff Bezos,” said senior Genevieve Girouard.

“I’d invest half of it in real estate. Give a portion to my family, and donate the rest,” said junior Isabella Alonzo.