Fun fall festivities

As fall comes into full swing, students have been finding ways to relax during the stressful start of the school year. 

DMV Black Restaurant Week 

For the fifth year, the DMV Black Restaurant Week encourages participants to dine at black restaurants to help support small black-owned businesses.

Their motto is “using food as a source for good.” As three entrepreneurs, Dr. Erinn Tucker, Andra “AJ” Johnson, and Furard Tate started this initiative to keep “Black food culture alive” as they are promoting the business to allow these restaurants to thrive. 

From November six to 13, participating restaurants will have deals that can be found at One of the restaurants is Fry Guy Southern Homestyle Cuisine in Maryland, which has fried chicken, fries, and fish to satisfy those cravings for some traditional southern food. Another is Dogs on the Curb in Maryland, Virginia, and DC, which sells gourmet hot dogs with a plethora of toppings. For dessert, Here’s the Scoop is an ice cream shop that’s promoting community through serving the community. 

Harry Potter Party

The fan-favorite wizards are perfect for the holiday season. Cozying up to one of the eight classics as hot chocolate boils in the kitchen and holiday snacks decorate the table is one of the surest ways to enjoy this fall season.

As the weather changes and the air gets cooler, it matches the vibes from the Harry Potter movies as the spookiness and dramatics from the movies fit the autumnal atmosphere.

One of the best ways to enjoy Harry Potter is with other friends. Making fun snacks like sorting hat cupcakes, which are filled with frosting for the different house colors, is always a fun way to discover who really is in Slytherin. By mixing cream soda, butterscotch sauce, and vanilla ice cream, the event can be enjoyed with butter beer. 

Fall Photo Shoot

As the leaves change colors, it’s the perfect opportunity to go outside and take fall themed photos. A flannel, jeans, and boots (maybe paired with a beanie) is always an easy fall go-to outfit. With Accotink Park, Burke Lake Park, and Huntsman Lake all located nearby, there are a multitude of destinations that provide a scenic background for photos. 

Fall Baking Secret Santa 

Host a party where each person is assigned a fall recipe (pumpkin bread, apple pie, the list goes on), and everyone has to guess who made which recipe. An exceptional fall baking secret Santa, it helps single out the bad bakers and creates a fun excuse to host a baking party. Gathering with friends adds to the fall festivities and can help build a fun fall.

“During the fall, I love to bake,” said senior Sydney Forbes. “I like to bake pumpkin muffins and really just anything that has a fall vibe.”