Spartan Civil War

Hype vs. Barstool


Photo courtesy of Brendan Talbot

Two Spartan social media accounts, @wshs.barstool and @wshs_hype, are engaged in a civil war. Both accounts post similar content, and recently, the two have come into conflict over who best represents WS. 

Almost Fridays, posted weekly by both accounts, are a collection of funny pictures featuring Spartan adventures throughout the week. They often portray Spartans in compromising or otherwise humorous situations. Besides Almost Fridays, both accounts post Spartan news, community updates, and sports hype, often featuring a healthy dose of trash talk. When other schools’ teams or players find themselves featured on either account, it isn’t ever in a flattering way. For example, after the Spartan football team defeated the Hayfield Hawks, Barstool posted a photoshopped picture of hunters with the Hawks as their prey. Similarly, after their win against West Potomac, Hype portrayed the team as a baby being nursed to sleep by the Spartans.

Both accounts post similar content, the question remains: who does it better?

Barstool believes they do.

“Barstools Almost Fridays are better, no questions asked,” said wshs.barstool on Instagram. “We incorporate all the funny and crazy things Spartans do on and off school grounds giving our school an unmatched culture. We also post more to represent the whole school.”

Barstool definitely has some memorable posts. Their personal favorite is a meme starring senior Daunte Lord, affectionately known as ‘Lil Don.’ Posted after his multi-touchdown and multi-interception game to open the football season, the post stated, “If nobody got me, I know Lil Don got me, Can I get an AMEN?” Barstool helps to feature Spartans and highlight their accomplishments, whether as a team or as an individual. 

Another aspect that really makes Barstool shine is their diversity of posts and attention. Barstool doesn’t only focus on one or two sports or only focus on the Boys teams. 

“Barstool used to always post the Girls’ sports on game days, which Hype never did,” said senior Annalise Thaler. 

Barstool does their best to showcase all Spartans. In their feed, one can find a post celebrating almost any sport or activity at WS, Girls or Boys, win or lose. 

“One thing that inspired us to make the account was the lack of recognition some sports were getting,” said Barstool. “Of course, sports like football were getting recognized, but other sports were left behind and not being recognized by the student body.”

Despite Barstool’s success, not everyone is a fan. 

“Barstool was good in the past because it posted every sport, but [Barstools] Almost Friday has fallen off,” said junior Calla Coleman. 

Barstool has drawn criticism recently for their Almost Fridays, with some alleging they focus too much on the baseball team, or are lacking humor.  

“Our [Almost Fridays] are better purely due to the fact that they’re just funnier,” said wshs_hype on Instagram. 

Barstool’s recent “falling off” has allowed Hype to rival them in popularity. Hype believes their superior sense of humor makes them clearly better. 

“There is a rivalry but we’re not very worried about [Barstool],” said wshs_hype on Instagram. 

Some students would agree. 

“They are both really good but WSHS Hype is more enthusiastic and fun,” said sophomore Felicity Swoger. 

Despite the rising popularity of Hype, the student body still prefers Barstool, by a vote of 121-66, according to an Instagram poll. For now, the Barstool account still reigns supreme. 

“As we all know, you can’t beat the stool,” said wshs.barstool on Instagram.