Pajort: “A company designed by degenerates”


Photo courtesy of @Pajort_ on Instagram

Pajort brand ambassadors sophomores Jon Hennigh, JP Ogden, and Stephen Zarbo pose in Pajorts for the Pajort_Instagram on the football field.

Pajort, the unconventional, student-run fashion company that Spartans have been obsessed with for months. Pajorts has gone from a small, borderline-joke company to a genuine money-maker. Ask any student and they’ve definitely heard of them, and many may even have their own pair of Pajorts. 

Pajorts are a combination of pajama pants and shorts, combining the warmth of pajamas with the versatility of shorts. 

“Pajort was started under one key principle; comfort and practicality,” reads the Pajort website. 

These pajama-shorts aren’t the only thing Pajort makes. They offer branded hoodies, crewnecks, beanies, and even Pajants, which are exactly what they sound like, pajama pants. 

Pajort came to be when Aidan Holyord’s friend’s mom said it was too hot for pajama pants, and he decided this was a problem he could not allow to go unrectified. 

“She told me I couldn’t wear long pajama pants because it was hot outside, and as an avid believer that anything is possible, I cut the legs off my pajama pants and Pajorts were born,” said sophomore Aidan Holroyd.

Together with co-founder Will Cashman, Holroyd founded Pajort, cutting and delivering them by hand to anyone who could afford the $20 price tag. 

The first thing that greets you when you visit are the words, “A company designed by degenerates, Put Your Ass In A Pair.” Certainly not the usual tagline for a self-respecting clothing company. Is this uncouth and unprofessional style of business a bad thing? Obviously not, because it’s working. Pajort has been massively successful, selling out their stock multiple times. 

“[Pajort is] the most successful clothing company, scratch that, [the most successful] company the world has ever seen,” Said Holroyd. 

Not only do they report good sales numbers, students love them. Over 20% of students polled reported they own a pair of Pajorts, and they have high praise for them. 

“[Pajorts are] truly, extremely comfortable,” said freshman Laura Dussȧn.

Pajort, under the creative direction of Holroyd as well as the rest of the Pajort crew, have mastered the art of advertising in a modern way. Pajort seeks to deliver “non-traditional brand, a brand that cuts the bs and speaks right to the people,” said Holroyd.

No where can this ‘non-traditional’ form of business be found more readily than on the Pajort social media account.  

The Pajort company and staff seem to be constantly having some sort of adventure. On their Instagram they can be found firing potato cannons, hiking, lifting weights, playing Spikeball, and a myriad of other escapades, all while wearing Pajorts. 

“Our adventures are always something different and always a fun time,” said sophomore Zachary Schumacher. 

These adventures aren’t just enjoyable for the Pajort employees; they serve as a perfect form of advertising when shared over the Pajort Instagram.

Recently, Pajort hosted an adventure anyone could take part in: a scavenger hunt. The Pajort crew hid Pajorts and other Pajort products all over the school, posting hints on their Instagram. 

“I thought the hunt was super fun and I was so happy when I found [the hidden Pajort sweatshirt],” said freshman Felicity Swoger. “I was going to buy a Pajort sweatshirt but now I don’t have to because I got one, but I still might get another one.” 

Besides Pajorts’ social media success, they also defy even the traditional bounds of advertising. 

 Pajort advertises by showing situations and places that Pajorts don’t fit in, and it works. 

Pajort prominently features hiking and weightlifting in their advertisement campaigns, and yet Pajorts really wouldn’t be the best clothing for these activities. Pajort utilizes irony and humor as well as shock value to drive up demand for Pajorts. They have created a movement that’s fun to be a part of and that people want to feel included in by defying traditional business standards and giving people something refreshing and new. People aren’t buying Pajorts only because they’re comfortable, they’re buying them because they’re fun.

Pajort has pioneered a perfect business strategy, using their unique down-to-earth personality to make money, gain experience, and most importantly, have fun. 

“This is our world and we want to have fun with it,” said Holroyd.

Holroyd and Cashman have big plans and high expectations for Pajort in the future, and judging off of their current success, they aren’t unwarranted. They want Pajort to become the richest and most powerful company in the world, and while those goals may be a little exaggerated, Pajort will definitely be going somewhere. If Holroyd ever starts selling Pajort stock, do yourself a favor and invest early.