Keeping student athletes at 100%

Zach Thompson, Assistant Viewpoint Editor

Spartan sports are important for students, teachers, parents, and anyone else who pays attention. There are hundreds of student athletes and all of them work hard to reach their goals. In every sport that students are involved in, there is one constant factor: injuries. No matter how easy or non-contact you think your sport it, someone is still going to get injured, and when they do, they should look no further than the athletic trainer at WS.

I think the biggest impact that the athletic trainers have is that athletes have a place to recover from injuries without having to go to a physical therapy center or pay to have an injury assessed,” said senior and former student assistant Kyrsten Smith.

The trainer offers help with injury recovery to any student athlete, free of charge. No matter what sport you play, the trainer knows how to help with common injuries and will guide you through them. The trainer provides important support to athletes dealing with injuries and physical limitations.

“It is comforting to know [that] we as athletes have somewhere to go when we are not feeling our best,” said Smith.

The only trainer currently working at WS is Head Athletic Trainer Chris Worrell. Worrell has an impressive history in athletic training, including working with the Cirque du Soleil, where he continues to cover shows when his schedule permits.

Working for Cirque was an athletic training boot camp. It made me rethink and re-imagine all of the athletic training skills I had learned and use them in a more precise and creative way,” said Worrell.

With free physical therapy available for all student athletes from a trusted and experienced trainer, athletes can be sure they’re in good hands. Ice packs, heating pads, stretches, and rest are just a few of the treatments that make the Athletic Training Room a welcoming and comfortable environment for any athletes struggling with their injuries.