The phrases that have lost their jive over the years…

Sara Blaylock, Managing Editor

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My gift to you WS, an alphabet of what not to say and what not to use: the phrases of 2010 and 2011 that are way past overdue. From A-Z this is where we have gone wrong.

Asked? (Complete sarcasm because the person didn’t ask, therefore they don’t care)

Bett or betty (Meaning “okay” or “alright, sure”)

Chill…(A command to someone who is uptight, telling them to relax; a relaxing atmosphere)

Dank (Really really good)

Early bird catches the worm (the wise people who are prepared will succeed in life-usually spoken by teachers in a requesting way to students)

First of all…(Trying to make a point, when there are various points to be made)

Goody(Adding a ‘Y’ to “good” makes it cooler and means its better than good)

Hold up(Instead of saying hold on, “up” is used, not to be literal but again, to sound cool)

I remember when I had my first….! (According to the situation, finish the phrase with a noun as to what happened; ie: “I remember when I had my first joke”-after someone told a joke and they got too excited)

Jont (any object, thing, stuff)

K (Usually in a text message, the response when people are mad, intended to be sarcasm and end the conversation)

LEGGO (Shortened and cooler way to say “let’s go”)

My Bad (Substitution for “I’m sorry”)

Not! (Pronounced “Naht”)

Oh my goshhhhh (Hold each words for about five seconds, while changing facial expression for each word)

Popo (Slang for police man)

Quality not quantity (yeah, sometimes it’s better to have something good rather than a lot of something average, but then again sometimes quantity is better than quality)

Rightttttt (Pure sarcasm, showing disbelief)

Swagg (describing one’s appearance or clothes or the way they play a sport- usually one to follow after)

That’s what she said…(Taking what someone says and making it out of context; usually an inappropriate sexual reference)

Ugly duckling syndrome (guys usually say this in reference to girls who have changed from being unattractive and have gotten prettier)

Vicious cycle (a description of usually a students behavior, as told by parents or teachers; meaning it will never end)

Weak Sauce (lame, boring; coming from the mild sauce from Taco Bell that is weak)

Xmas (Short for “Christmas” and a reflection of how lazy people are that they can’t even spell out the most exciting holiday)

Your mom(what you say in response to any question)

Zero tolerance (What people in charge say will happen if you break some rules, ironically there is usually come kind of tolerance that happens so the zero is incorrect)

Although some of these are witty and clever, they are weak sauce. I think it is time to update our word-wardrobe and LEGGO swagg shopping elsewhere for better, new sayings that can turn a boring time to a dank, goody and we can all remember when we had our first good use of phrase.

(Did that make any sense to you? Because it barely made sense  when I was writing it.)

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