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Anna Lehman, Entertainment Editor

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I wish I could start off my story with a personal experience with aliens, such as an alien abduction or having seen a UFO, but fortunately for me I haven’t got one.

 When I ponder the question, do aliens exist I always come up blank. Do they exist? Or are they just another hoax that  people made up to make a good story.

“These large green things beamed me up in this hover car thing and they did experiments on me.” That makes for a good story right? Well because I’m lucky enough to not have been “beamed up” by any green aliens, I will instead devote this story to what spurred my interests  in them.

When I was younger I was a very different child. I used to pretend that I was in fact an alien from another planet and somehow convinced my friends of this. I came up with the wildest story, that my “real” parents were actually aliens and had been lost on Earth and they would soon come and find me. That is what you call a child with an overactive imagination. But do not fret, for I do not tell anyone this outlandish tale anymore.

Have no fear, for my alien story ends there in third grade (I know, so disappointing) but besides embarrassing moments of my youth another factor about aliens that pique my interest was the movie “Independence Day.”

This movie stars Will Smith and aliens attempting to destroy planet earth. These aliens were depicted as  they usually are, with bulbous eyes and awkward colored skin, this brings up the question how did this stereotypical appearance first come to be?

Most aliens you’ll see in movies have the same features, it makes me wonder whether “real aliens” look like this, and we merely based our ideas of them off of them.

Hopefully I have amused you and even though I only discovered more questions, it all depends on your own opinion. Whether they exist or not watch out for large fields, and for floating objects.

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