The Great Cookie Debate

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Erin Falk, Journalism 1

The best part of my school day is, by far, the first bite I take out of my warm chocolate chip cookie at lunch. This routine may change, however, now that the cafeteria has introduced new, unfamiliar cookies to the lunch line.

The cafeteria recently replaced Otis Spunkmeyer in favor of an Australian-based brand called Bonzers. The company boasts “delicious gourmet quality” in their frozen cookies that they sell to school cafeterias.

I am shocked, to say the least. I rely on familiarity; routines make my life stable. But now my beloved Otis is gone, and foreign cookies have replaced him. Now, I have no idea how these cookies will measure up to my tastes.

I expected the motive behind this change was to cut costs, and that Bonzers were merely a cheaper alternative to Otis Spunkmeyer. This, however, is not the case. It turns out that, if there was any price change at all, switching to Bonzers was actually more expensive than sticking with good ol’ Otis.

It just so happens that the cookies Bonzers provides are actually supposed to be healthier and better tasting than my trusted Otis Spunkmeyer. This is where I became suspicious. How can a cookie be healthy and taste good? It has pretty much been proven that anything fatty, sugary, salty or greasy is absolutely delicious.

I had to find out for myself. Having had a private tasting of the new cookies, I have decided that they do taste pretty good, at least for cafeteria food. But are they better than Otis Spunkmeyer?

Otis Spunkmeyer cookies taste like heaven, while Bonzers have an oatmealy texture and seem to be consistently okay-tasting. As far as I’m concerned, Otis wins the taste contest any day. Bonzers cookies, though, have the health benefit. They are 51 percent whole grain and are also low-fat.

Personally, I don’t know if healthy, so-so cookies are better than delicious ones that will give me a heart attack one day. Therefore, I don’t think anyone should have to choose between Otis Spunkmeyer and Bonzers.

The cafeteria would appeal to everyone if they sold both healthy and tasty cookies in the lunch line. Sure, a lot of people would go for the sugary cookie, but at least they would have the option of eating a little better.

My loyalties, though, will always be with Otis Spunkmeyer. In my opinion, cookies are supposed to be deliciously bad for you.